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Service Desk: High Quality Assistance at DigitalCook Qatar

A service desk is a communication hub where users can ask for assistance and receive IT support.

Why is the Service Desk Important for Business?

The IT Service Desk is designed to address broader business needs and enhance users’ technical experience at work. The IT service desk facilitates communication between other service managers and the user community (usually employees and other stakeholders of the organization). It also plays an important role in assisting with issue management, capturing change demands, maintaining third-party contacts, and handling software licenses.

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Service Desk and Process Integration

Service desks are integrated with many processes, including:

Data access
Acquisition integration
Supplier and partner onboarding and offboarding
Employee onboarding
Business continuity
Infrastructure management
Service monitoring
Incident management
Requirement management
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The Different Types of Service Desks: Local and Centralized

A ticket represents a technical problem and encompasses what the user is having trouble with. The ITSM Service Desk manages these tickets. Currently, there are essentially four types of service desks:

  • Local Service Desk: The Local Service Desk serves the needs of small businesses. The location is on or near the company premises. However, it cannot handle a large number of service requests or calls.
  • Centralized service desk: Combining multiple local service desks into one, this ITSM service desk can handle multiple operations with few workforce members
  • Virtual Service Desk: This is the most common type of service desk. A single central service desk handles all tickets from different locations. 
  • Follow the Sun: A single central service desk handles all tickets from different locations.

Why Work with DigitalCook’s Service Desk Support?

Our IT service desk can greatly benefit companies of all types and sizes, regardless of service or product. It is important for the company to provide a point of contact between the customer and the IT department so that the customer can resolve issues in a timely and effective manner and the IT team can ensure smooth operations. 

Properly staffed and equipped with modern AI-based automation, our service desk can effectively handle most of your day-to-day IT workloads. It's a low-cost option that offloads expensive engineering teams and IT professionals. This gives valuable technology professionals the opportunity to focus more on strategy and the more complex issues that need to be addressed. In other words, with the DigitalCook service desk, companies can take good advantage of their existing IT resources.

How can the DigitalCook Service Desk Help with Problem Prediction?

The right data tools can help organizations identify service problems and solve them before they become problems. As an early warning system, our IT service desk can enable proactive problem management, service modification, and preventive maintenance to reduce the impact of outages and service issues.

How can Our Service Desk Help you with Customer Retention?

Many key processes and IT services start at the service desk. As such, it is often the primary point of contact between users, IT services, and business processes. Monitoring these interactions can provide useful insight into user sentiment regarding products, services, needs, and the organization in general.

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